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    This new four hour interactive experience centers around a live-action, puppet-driven immersive theatrical and cinematic performance, and a soundtrack performed by Kid Koala and a live six-piece jazz band


    Mosquito wins a talent contest in Hillville including a cash prize which enables him to travel to the big city to pursue his dream of playing in Sid Villa’s Music Hall as part of the Sid Villa Hot Seven.

    Though an accomplished player, he is unable to play “off book”, meaning he cannot play any music without reading it off the chart. The concept of playing by ear, and improvising by ear is a technique held in high regard in jazz circles. Even more important is the idea of playing music from the heart. It is this obstacle that he must overcome if he is to succeed in fulfilling his dream.

    Mosquito meets many people and creatures in the big city. Some are friendly, some are not. Each of them in their own way help him to find his musical voice. Through his struggles and experiences, he learns about his inner music. He eventually finds a way to play from his own heart and in this maturing process he realizes that there are more important things in life than fulfilling his childhood dreams.


    The entire three-act show will bring together multiple immersive experiences and a multitude of ways for the audience to interact with this extraordinary world of Jazz and animals. An astonishing musically driven, live interactive event.